FAQ - How does Arlo Wire-Free motion detection sensitivit​y work?
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How does Arlo Wire-Free motion detection sensitivit​y work?

The Arlo Wire-Free camera has a motion sensor that detects changes in heat in front of the camera. This is done with the use of Infrared (IR) technology. The motion sensor detects an object, such as a person or motor vehicle, that is warmer than the environment around it, such as a room, and that is moving in front of the sensor from right to left or from left to right. Keep these factors in mind when positioning your camera. 

The sensitivity setting adjusts how sensitive the motion sensor is to motion.  100% is very sensitive to motion, and 1% is not very sensitive.  

For best performance, set your camera’s motion sensitivity level high enough to detect motion that you want to record, such as a person or a pet, but low enough that a small event, such as moving branches, does not trigger it. To extend battery life, do not aim your camera directly at busy streets where the hot engines of passing cars will repeatedly trigger the motion sensor. Also, keep in mind that IR can be reflected off of smooth surfaces such as glass, windows or whiteboards. If your Arlo WIre-Free camera is pointed at a reflective surface, reflective triggering may occur. Below are examples of reflective triggering. In the example below, an IR camera is pointed at a glass window, and as you can see, the IR detects the heat of the person standing behind the camera due to the reflective nature of IR: 

 IR reflective triggering window.JPG

 IR reflective triggering window_reflect.jpg

Below is another example of IR reflection, this time off of a whiteboard: 

IR reflective triggering whiteboard.JPG

IR reflective triggering whiteboard_reflect.jpg

Finding the right motion sensitivity level for each of your Arlo Wire-Free cameras can take some trial and error. You might want to start with a high percentage initially, then reduce it to a lower percentage if you get too many false alarms.  

A video tutorial is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZJXCAKQR24.


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