FAQ - What are Zones and how do I create them for my Arlo Q camera?
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An Arlo Q Zone focuses motion detection on a specific area. You can create up to three Zones for each Arlo Q camera. By default, motion detection observes the entire camera frame.                      

To create Zones:

1. Log in to your Arlo account at https://arlo.netgear.com.

2. Click or tap Settings > My Devices.

3. Click or tap the Arlo Q camera for which you are creating a Zone.


4. Scroll to Activity Zones to create and customize Zones.

5. Click or tap Snapshot to view what the camera sees.

6. Click or tap Zoom to see more detail.

7. Click or tap Create New Zone.

A rectangle represents a Zone and displays at the top left of the image.


8. To resize the Zone, drag the corners of the Zone.

9. Click or tap within the Zone.

10. Click or tap and hold within the Zone to reposition it.

11. To customize the Zone name, click or tap Name.

12. Enter a name for the zone. 

13. Click or tap Save to save your settings


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