How can I extend the NETGEAR Arlo Pro camera’s battery life?
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To extend the battery life, follow these tips:
• Check your NETGEAR Arlo Pro Wire-Free camera’s Power Management settings. To extend your battery life, select the Best Battery Life setting. This setting
trades video quality for improved battery life. For best video quality, select the Best Video setting. This setting reduces battery life but provides the
highest quality images. To balance the battery life and video quality, select the Optimized setting. To access your Power Management settings, log in to your
Arlo account, select Settings > Camera Settings, and select a camera.
• Normal usage is defined as four minutes of viewing or recording per day with the Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera in the Optimized setting.
• Depending on your specific usage, you might see different results. Also note that a NETGEAR Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera’s distance from the base station
can affect its battery life.


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