How do I back up data from my ReadyNAS OS 6 system to a Windows (SMB) share?
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This article describes how to back up data from a ReadyNAS OS 6 system to a Windows (SMB) share.

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In this example, we create a backup job for a share on our ReadyNAS called Documents. The process can be repeated for any other shares on the ReadyNAS.

Windows share set-up:

If the share is already created on the Windows PC, skip this section and go to the Backup job configuration step.

  1. On the Windows PC, create a folder which will act as the destination for the backup. In this example we call it DocumentsBackup:
  2. Right click on the folder and go to Share with - Specific people...
  3. In the drop down menu, choose Everyone and press Add:
  4. Click Everyone and set the Permission Level to Read/Write:


    If you want to restrict access to certain users only, then select them here instead of Everyone.
    Note: This
     restriction is done on the Windows side, not on the ReadyNAS side. Refer to Microsoft help for further information.
  5. Click Share.
  6. The share is now ready. Make note of the path to the share (in this example it is \DocumentsBackup and is underlined in red below). Click Done.


Backup job configuration:

  1. On the admin page of the ReadyNAS, go to Backup and press Add Backup:


  2. Enter a name for the backup job:
  3. In the lefthand side of the backup configuration settings, choose Local and then click Browse:
  4. Navigate through the directory structure of the ReadyNAS and select the folder that you want to backup. Then press Select:
  5. In the righthand side of the backup configuration settings, click Remote. In the Host field, enter the hostname or IP address of the Windows PC. In the Protocol field, choose remote: Windows/NAS (Timestamp). In the Share field, enter the path to the share set-up earlier (DocumentsBackup in this case). In the Login and Password field, enter details of an account that will have rights to access the share on the PC. Press Test Connection to verify that the settings are valid.
  6. Press Next.
  7. At the next screen, set the schedule as needed:


    Some common examples are below. Days in blue are enabled; days in gray are disabled.

    • To run the backup job Monday to Friday after 7PM, the required configuration is:
      • Backup Every: 24 hours
      • Time: 19:05 and 20:05
      • Repeat: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
    • To run the backup job every Saturday night after midnight, the required configuration is:
      • Backup Every: 24 hours
      • Time: 00:05 and 01:05
      • Repeat: Sat

    Note that the time that the job is scheduled to run between is used only to specify the time window in which the job is allowed to begin. It does not mean that the job will be stopped if it is still running when that time window expires. Once the job begins, it will continue to run until it is successful or interrupted.

  8. Choose to remove the contents of the backup destination before full backup if needed. This should be used with caution.

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  1. Press Finish.

  2. The backup button prompt appears. Choose Yes if you want this backup job to run when the backup button on the front of the ReadyNAS device is pressed (note this applies to ReadyNAS desktop units only and does not apply to ReadyNAS rackmount units).

  3. Run the backup job by doing any of the following:

    - Wait for the defined scheduled time to arrive.
    - Press the backup button on the front of the ReadyNAS device (only applies to systems with a backup button when a job is assigned to the backup button).
    - Run it manually by clicking the gear icon on the job and pressing Start:




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