How do I remotely update the firmware on my ReadyDATA storage system?
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How do I remotely update the firmware on my ReadyDATA storage system?

NETGEAR might periodically release firmware updates to improve the ReadyDATA. The firmware on the ReadyDATA is referred to as ReadyDATA OS. You can update the firmware on the ReadyDATA remotely from the NETGEAR website or manually from a local drive.

When you update the firmware, the stored data on the ReadyDATA is not affected. However, as a security measure, NETGEAR recommends that you back up the stored data, especially data that cannot be replaced, before you perform a firmware update.

WARNING: You cannot update the firmware if there are no volumes on the ReadyDATA. To update the firmware, create at least one volume.

If the ReadyDATA has an Internet connection, updating firmware remotely is the easiest method.

To update firmware remotely:

1. Select System > Settings > Update.

The following figure shows the Settings screen with the firmware options:

2. Click Check for Updates.

The ReadyDATA contacts the NETGEAR update server:

If no firmware update is available, you are notified that the system is running the most current firmware.

If a firmware update is available, you are prompted to update the system firmware.

3. If a firmware update is available, click Install Firmware.

A status bar on the left of the screen shows the progress of the firmware download. After the firmware download completes, you are prompted to reboot the system.


4. Click Reboot under the Update heading.

If you enabled email alerts, the ReadyDATA sends a message when the firmware update finishes.

5. (Optional) Verify that the ReadyDATA runs the new firmware.

Select System > Overview > Hardware. The Dashboard home screen displays.

Check which firmware version is listed in the Firmware field.

This article applies to the following ReadyDATA storage systems:

  • ReadyDATA 516
  • ReadyDATA 5200

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