How to enable AVB on GS728TX, GS728TXP, GS752TX, GS752TXP
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NETGEAR - Switches  


1. Make sure you have purchased the AVB license and installed to the switch

2. Make sure no stacking is configured on the switch (EAV feature only support on standalone S3300 switch. It means all 10G stacking ports need to run in Ethernet mode)

3. Make sure you are running firmware v6.6.1.7


Following steps need to follow to make AVB work on the switch.

  1. Enable 802.1AS (Globally).

    Go to the “802.1AS Configuration” (Switching->802.1AS->Basic->802.1AS Configuration) page and enable “802.1AS Status”.

  2. Go to “802.1AS Port Settings” (Switching->802.1AS->Advanced->802.1AS Port Settings) page and enable 802.1AS “Admin Mode” only on the interfaces which are connected to AVB supported devices.

    Disable the “Admin Mode” on non-AVB devices connected interfaces.

    Example:  AVB supported devices connected on interfaces g3 and g4, so enable “Admin Mode” only on these interfaces and disable on other interfaces shown on following snapshot.

    Configure “Pdelay Threshold”  value to 5000 for AVB devices connected interfaces (g3 and g4 in this example).

  3. Enable MVRP and MSRP mode(globally)

Go to “MRP Configuration” (Switching->MRP->Basic->MRP Configuration) page and enable “MVRP Mode” and “MSRP Mode”.

  1. Go to “MRP Port Settings” page and enable “MVRP Mode” and “MSRP Mode” only on AVB devices connected interfaces.

Example:  AVB devices connected to interfaces g3 and g4, enable MVRP and MSRP mode only for these two interfaces like in following snapshot.

​ Keep the Join, Leave, and Leave All timer values to default and change them only if required.

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