Using a Bluetooth connection with the Insight app and NETGEAR ReadyNAS
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With the Insight app on your mobile device, you can use Bluetooth to discover your ReadyNAS with a Bluetooth dongle connected. See below for details on how to do this.

1. Connect the Bluetooth dongle to an available USB port on your ReadyNAS.
2. If you have not already done so, install the Insight app on your mobile device.
3. Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device (ensure you are within range of your ReadyNAS to allow Bluetooth connectivity).
4. Launch the Insight app.
5. If you are using Insight for the first time, select Set up new devices. If you have previously added other devices, select Add devices.
6. Select Storage.
7. Select Bluetooth set up.
8. Select Discover device. Scroll down if you do not immediately see this button. Your mobile device scans for available devices on Bluetooth and on WiFi (if connected). ReadyNAS devices available for discovery by Bluetooth appear with the Bluetooth icon:

9. Select the ReadyNAS you wish to add.
10. Change the display name of the ReadyNAS as required and select Next.
11. When prompted, follow the instructions to pair your mobile device with the ReadyNAS. The method of doing this will vary depending on your mobile device.

      A 6 digit pairing code will appear on the ReadyNAS display. This must be entered into your mobile device to complete the Bluetooth pairing operation.
12. If you wish to configure ReadyCLOUD, you may do this now or else select Skip.

Your ReadyNAS device is now added to your Insight devices list.








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